Speed Bumps

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Your Department of Transportation borough commissioner
I am writing you today to request a speed bump on ______________.
Speed bump are intended to reduce driver speeds to 10 to 15 miles per hour over the hump, and to 25 to 30 miles per hour between humps in a series. They should be arranged to avoid disruption of cycling lanes and pedestrian safety amenities. Several studies have shown a 40 percent speed reduction for most vehicles on streets with speed humps. Excessive speeders are also deterred. These effects translate to fewer crashes —children are much less likely to be struck by cars in neighborhoods where speed humps are installed. Most importantly, the results don’t revert over time. Other traffic calming measures like “slow” signs lose efficacy with age; the reduction in speed and traffic volume caused by speed humps remain long after local drivers become accustomed to their presence. Every New Yorker deserves the protection of this potent deterrent -- even 5 mph makes the difference between life and death. I want people where I live and commute to be safe. Thank you. I look forward to hearing back about my request.
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